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15th, 16th & 17th August 2017

Countryside Park

A range of activities and information for those who love the countryside


The Countryside Park is tucked away in a quiet corner of the showground just a short walk away from noise and excitement of the Radio Pembrokeshire sound stage on Central Green.

If you have an interest in nature, countryside skills or field sports or just want a woodland spot for a picnic, it really is worth a visit. The great layout enables everyone to get close to the demonstrations, browse the trade stands or just take a welcome break in the shade of Jack's Wood.


Wye Valley Axe Team


In Countryside Park you'll find the intriguing and highly entertaining sport of Axe Racing.

What is axe racing, you ask? It's several extremely skilled lumberjacks armed with razor sharp axes, climbing their way up 12 foot high "trees" using only the notches they create as they go, trying to be the first to chop off the top of the tree! And if that isn't enough excitement for you, they will also compete to chop through a log with the fewest axe hits or team up to saw through felled logs in the fastest possible time.

The sport originated in the long-ago lumber camps of Australia, New Zealand and Canada, but it has now spread around the world as an exciting and competitive demonstration sport.

Don't miss the Wye Valley Axe Team doing their thing in the Countryside Park every afternoon of the Show.

Pembrokeshire Falconry


Throughout the Show you'll find the fabulous Pembrokeshire Falconry quartered in the Countryside Park, giving you the chance to see and handle some of their beautiful birds - from a Kestrel to a Kookaburra!

You might meet Dot the little owl who loves children, Captain Jack Sparrow who is not a sparrowhawk but a super-fast Merlin Falcon, or Nyx, who IS a sparrowhawk with a crazy personality! Or Flint the 27-year-old Buzzard who has retired from public flying but still loves to come out and make new friends. The birds are all trained and safe for children and adults to handle; they love meeting people and are happy to be photographed!

And if you want to see these fabulous birds of prey in their natural element, don't miss their flying displays (in the Countryside Park plus an afternoon display in the Livestock Arena) . You'll be mesmerised by what some of your new friends can do when they take to the air.


Ferretworld Roadshow


This year, we will see the return of the Ferretworld Roadshow. Two teams of children race the ferrets, but all are winners.  Then it's hands-on to meet the ferrets.  Lots of laughs, plenty of jokes and a feast of ferrets!!

BASC Gun Dog Display


In the Countryside Park you can meet two beautiful gun dogs Ceri and Skye, along with their owner Meurig Rees from Cenarth. Meurig will be demonstrating how dog owners, with time and patience, can develop a young dog into a great working companion for shooting days. It's a demonstration popular with everyone at the numerous events across Wales to which Meurig is regularly invited.

After the displays you can greet the dogs, ask questions or even have your picture taken with these truly beautiful creatures.

In addition to arena action there are trade stands, static displays and information from rural organisations including BASC.  Key sponsor Burns Pet Nutrition will be showcasing Penlan Farm where some 300 acres is farmed organically including large areas of the land given over to the creation of wildlife habitats and a strong emphasis on conservation.

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