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Dog Agility

Dog Agility is fast, furious, exciting and a great favourite with spectators as well as competitors. The event is on the south side of the showground adjacent to member's car park. With two arenas and great spectator viewing, this is top quality dog agility and entertainment for the whole 3 days.

Competitions at this prestigious Welsh Agility event take place throughout the three days of the show with more than 80 classes, including the Burns Welsh Handler of The Year, Royal Canin Rest of the World Challenge and the Drontal Agility Challenge.

The animal's fitness and the handler's ability to train and direct the dog over and through various obstacles are tested to their limits. There are also classes for young handlers, so make sure you take some time out during the show watch this exciting sport - you won't be disappointed.

Agility returns to this year's Pembrokeshire Agricultural Show in the middle of a busy agility summer. Agility was created as a special canine attraction at Crufts in 1978.  Since then competitive events have been held worldwide, with the UK providing champions who take on and regularly win against world-class competitors.

Today the UK continues to set world agility standards and dogs compete at agility as far afield as New Zealand, America and Singapore.  Selection to various British teams is hard fought during the year and the GB team continues to excel in Europe.

The equipment used for agility is specially designed.  Fences, weave poles, contact equipment (a bit of the dog must touch a white bit!), tunnels and tyres are all built to safe and exacting Kennel Club specifications.  Dogs incur 5 faults for any knockdown, missing a contact or any other mistake the judge sees. The judge indicates faults by raising his hand. All the dogs compete against the clock and scores are assessed to declare a winner.

Classes are open to all grades and sizes of dogs with 7 abilities and 3 sizes giving 21 possible permutations.  We hope to introduce you to a great range of breeds at the show.

Competitive agility events are held countrywide and in this area there are many clubs that hold regular classes throughout the year.  Weekly training sessions ensure a well trained, fit dog and handler, do seek further information if you would like to train a dog to take part in future agility events.

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